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An Easy Guide to Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Let us talk about some wedding etiquette! We are big fans of Emily Posts Wedding Etiquette and often refer to those principals in our event planning. In this article, we are focusing on invitations.

There are two areas that are important when we talk about invitations: timeline and content. If invitations are not sent out with enough notice, this could significantly impact your guest count. In addition, if the invitations lack specific content, you will find yourself fielding questions when you could be focusing on other wedding planning details.


Once you have secured your date and venue, you are ready to choose your invitation design, style, and printer.We usually see these details come together 6-8 months prior to your wedding date. A common wedding planning mishap is not factoring in enough printing time in your timeline.Printers can take anywhere from 2-3 months to receive, process, print, and return your invitation order. There are various factors that influence the time it may take for printing. Style, design, printing options such as engraving or embossing, and various enclosures are all examples of things to consider when ordering your invitations and asking about the printing timeline expectation. Give yourself enough time so that you are not rushed when you finally receive your order.

Now, you have received your invitations. In general, the sweet spot for mailing your invitations should be eight weeks prior to your wedding date. This time frame allows time for the invitation to arrive, guests to consider, and notify you of their attendance. Including in the timeline for invitation is giving guests a deadline of three weeks prior to your wedding date to notify you of their R.S.V.P.


We encourage our couples to consider the following when it comes to what content to include on your wedding invitations:

1. The Host

This could be the couple themselves, parents of the bride, or other influential family members

2. Event Purpose

Not all “weddings” are actual weddings. Your event could be a commitment ceremony or a vow renewal. Be sure to be specific on your invitation.

3. The Honoree’s

This is where the couple’s name would be stated on the invitation.

4. Date and Time

We know, this seems obvious, but forgetting the date or not catching an error in the date during the editing process can cause all sorts of confusion for your guests.

5. Location

Sometimes weddings are held at a church, sometimes a wedding venue or chapel, other times it may be at a residence. Be sure the address is clearly stated. BONUS TIP – Consider stating if the event will be outdoors so guests can prepare.

There are of course other aspects to include on an invitation. These five pieces of information are key.

Invitation No-No’s

There are a few invitation no-no’s that we find ourselves discussing with clients. In this day and age, many couples consider a wedding email invitation. We always encourage clients to be themselves and do what is comfortable to them, however email invitations lack a personal touch and can often be overlooked. Email follow ups to the R.S.V.P request is common and encouraged for quick responses.

Another invitation faux pa is to not include an R.S.V.P deadline. Your guest count will be required as part of your contract with your caterer. If this count is not known, it could potentially cost you more money or leave you with an insufficient about of food for your guests. ALWAYS include a R.S.V.P. deadline and be prepared to follow up with anyone who has not responded to you by that date.

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