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Common Myths About Hiring A Wedding Planner

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I could not wait for my wedding day. For months leading up to my special day I would close my eyes and picture moments, moments I had dreamed of for a long time. The moment the double doors open and the sound of Pachelbel’s Cannon in D playing on the piano. My first view of my soon-to-be husband standing at the alter with a backdrop of bold, rich, fall colored flowers. Guests standing in awe at the sight of my father walking me down the aisle in a fit and flare lace gown with just enough sparkle that would shimmer in the soft glow of the candles glowing down the aisle. I knew the overall vision of the day but when it came to time and details, I was overwhelmed. I waited too late in the planning process to hire a wedding planner. Thankfully when I did, the planner was amazing (shameless plug for #JaneCarolEvents). My day was perfect and just as I envisioned. Looking back, I wish I would have known the truth behind these five myths about hiring a wedding planner. I could have saved myself a lot of time, sleepless nights and several bottles of wine.

Wedding Planners Are Too Expensive

Let us just talk about this one early. Truthfully the cost of a wedding planner depends on your own personal budget. Most planners have advertised packages, but they can also provide you a quote for a customized package that fits your needs. I highly recommend inquiring about wedding planner services and pricing early into your wedding planning. If the wedding planner you are interested in offers a free consultation, be prepared for your appointment so you can ask all the questions you have regarding your needs and their services. You may be pleasantly surprised that you can work this service into your wedding budget. You’ll be glad you did.

Day Of Services Are All I Need

The day of your wedding requires logistics...logistics that involve lots of people. Can you imagine showing up the day of your wedding expecting a timeline of activities to be well executed but you’ve never seen the timeline or discussed any of the logistics with any of the vendors? That’s how a wedding planner feels when they contract a day of service. They basically show up and hope they can execute the timeline blindfolded. As a bride, your money is better spent when you purchase a service that offers 30 days or more of planning. This gives the planner the opportunity to visit with you, your soon-to-be husband, vendors, important players involved in your big day. The planner sees the vision ahead of time and can better understand what is important to you and what isn’t. Trust me, when the planner says they will offer you a day of service but that you will best benefit from a different package offering more time and services, they are looking out for you and your day. Listen to them, they are the experts.

Hiring A Planner Means I Give Up Control

I am a planner by nature. I am crafty and I’d like to think I have decent taste in fashion, beauty and decor. I knew going into the planning of my wedding that I wanted to be involved in selecting centerpiece designs, picking flowers for my bouquet, making party favors for our guests. I thought that if I hired a planner, I would lose this control, but the truth is, a wedding planner is there to support your ideas and vision. A really good planner will help bring your vision together by giving you a glimpse into all of your details coming together. An exceptional planner will be able to offer alternative ideas when necessary that stick within your vision and budget. In a nutshell, a wedding planner should walk beside you in the planning process but have the foresight to know when to offer advice and alternatives.

Once Hired, A Wedding Planner Is At Your Beck And Call

Well sure...when you are freaking out because a pandemic shuts down the world requiring you to reschedule your wedding, you want your planner to answer your calls, texts, and emails. But should you expect your planner to drop everything because you are blowing up his or her phone because you are having a fight with your maid of honor? When you hire a planner, you receive a contract signed by you and the planner. This contract should outline your package details and terms of service. This will help you to understand what you can expect in terms of availability and contact with your planner. As with any vendor in the customer service industry, you should expect to be treated fairly and receive prompt service, but you should also have realistic expectations based on your package details and signed contract.

A Wedding Planner Goes Into Contract With Other Vendors

A wedding planner is in contract with their client, YOU. Rarely will you see a planner go into contract with other vendors such as rentals, venue, entertainment, etc. It’s just not good business practice. A planner can serve as a contact to discuss logistics, delivery time, guest count, but you should be prepared to pay all vendors directly. I personally liked that my planner could coordinate the details because I did not have time to make the calls and coordinate the logistics. Once I made the decisions necessary to fulfill the overall vision, I only concerned myself with what was owed to the vendor by what date and my planner handled the rest.

The wedding planning process should be relaxing and fun. As the bride, enjoy that time and leave all of the other details to a wedding planner.

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