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2021 Wedding Trends Inspired by Covid-19

We love looking at upcoming wedding trends! Typically, we get excited about the hottest color palettes, trendiest dresses, and show stopping décor. The year 2020 may have changed the plans for many couples looking to celebrate their big day, but it also introduced us to hot new trends that we think will stick well beyond the next year.

Here are our top five favorite trends we cannot wait to see in 2021.

Sanitizing Stations

Cute. Considerate. COVID-19 approved. Hand sanitizing stations are becoming increasingly popular in both wedding ceremonies and receptions. Whether they are designed to be at the entrance of the venue, near the buffet line, or close to the cake table, there are lots of ways to make these stations blend into your décor. Custom made signs with clever sayings, decorative table linens, and floral arrangements that accent your décor theme are great ways to make the intent known without making it be the focal point of your big event.

Single Serve Desserts

We love wedding cake. We love the display, the design, and let us not forget about the taste. Yum! This is one tradition we do not want to see go bye-bye. However, we are loving the craze of single serve desserts. Looking into 2021, our wedding planning magic ball predicts we see an increase in dessert bars with individual serve cupcakes, pies, cookies, and other sweet treats individually packaged for your guests to enjoy. Of course, we love the idea of having a wedding cake for the traditional cake cutting experience and incorporating single serve desserts for your guests. This way you can have your wedding cake and eat it too…all of it!

Mismatched Seating Arrangements

Can we be real for a moment? Maintaining six feet apart while attending a wedding ceremony or reception is a challenge. The truth is if your guests are really concerned, they will talk with you about their situation. However, a wedding planner can help to create a seating plan that allows for specific social distancing requirements or requests. Mismatched seating arrangements became increasingly popular in 2020 and we believe we will see this trend continue in 2021. Mixing round tables and long tables give the opportunity to put extra space between each seat. Consider open seating to allow guests to choose their own seat depending on their preference. Take that one step further and include bistro tables to give guests the choice of standing. If social distancing is a priority for your event, consider looking for a venue that offers and indoor and outdoor space which will allow your guests the freedom to roam back and forth between indoor and outdoor seating. Nothing is impossible when you have a creative and determined wedding planner to help you with your seating arrangements!

Take Your Day Online

The power of streaming live events is seriously Ah-Mazing! Many venues jumped on board quickly when restrictions were placed on the number of people who could gather indoors for events. When those restrictions were lifted, venues stayed on board and gave couples the ability to share their special day with those who could not be present in person. If live streaming is important to you, make sure you select a venue with the ability to stream your event online. Most venues will provide you with detailed instructions and a link that can be shared with your guests in advance. Do not get discouraged if guests choose not to attend in person or are unable to attend due to travel restrictions. Be prepared with a streaming option that will allow them to be included in your special day even if they are miles away.

Utilize the Great Outdoors

Outdoor weddings have always been a thing. Trend or not, we see the use of an outdoor setting continuing to be a go to option in 2021. The pros – space to spread out, beautiful scenery, fresh air. The cons – the risk of less-than-ideal weather, sweat and lots of it or chills that go along with your frills. Outdoor venues are really a personal choice. During 2020 we were a part of some of the most beautiful outdoor weddings, we mean STUNNING. To each their own, but do not throw this option away. It might end up being so much better than you ever dreamed.

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