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Make It Personal: Wedding Day Family Traditions and Personality Touches

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

It is no secret that there are common aspects to planning a wedding. Selecting a venue, caterer, and florist or decor rental is standard. The personal touches that a couple choose to incorporate into their big day is the reason we love being a lifestyle wedding planning company. Traditions, family heirlooms, personality...these are the things that make each wedding unique.

We have had the pleasure of making these traditions and personal touches come to life. With each one, we have built a strong relationship with our #JCECouples and have truly felt they are family. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Signing of the Family Bible

For Addie and TJ signing the family Bible on the day of their wedding meant they were sharing in a family tradition with the many generations whose signatures stood before them. This private moment, while simple and sweet, connected the couple with their family in a way that will be remembered forever. A true testament to the power of how a

tradition, when kept intact, can unite generations of all ages.

It is A Family Tradition

We were excited for Sidney and Austin when they shared with us that they would be using champagne glasses that had been passed down from multiple generations in Austin’s family. The toast was celebrated with them and their 200 guests, but only a few knew the sentiment these glasses shared. These glasses were special, they represented love and they were extremely delicate. To some it may seem like there were just champagne glasses, but for this couple it was a beautiful way to celebrate their family and carry on a family tradition.

For the love of Superheroes

We love when a couple wants to share pieces of their personality with their family and friends on their wedding day. For Jamie, his love of superheroes is by far one of our favorite wedding moments. Batman was with him the day he said “I Do” to his bride Meagan. From his socks to his boutonniere, to the groom’s cake, there was a piece of Jamie and his fascination with his favorite superheroes sprinkled throughout the day. We even attempted to replicate the Bat Signal. So much personality and such a fun wedding.

Remembering Loved Ones

Early in the wedding planning process, couples often share their desire to remember loved ones who have passed away. We love remembering these family members by displaying pictures or lighting candles to acknowledge their passing and remember their

love. When #JCEBride Megan wanted to remember her loved ones up close and personal, we jumped on board. Placing a photo locket on her bouquet was the perfect touch to keep her loved ones close to her during the most intimate moments of her wedding day.

When it comes to adding your family traditions and personality into your wedding day plans, we say GO FOR IT. Maybe you do not have any family wedding day traditions. That is ok, it is never too late to start your own.

Photo Credits:

Marci Fisk

Erika Teel Photography

Epic Productions

Kassy Weaver Photography

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