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Ten Things To Do After You Get Engaged

Congrats! You’ve waited your entire life to share this good news…you are ENGAGED! The moment was exciting, perfect, and look at that ring. WOW! So, what’s next? To help you enjoy this time, we’ve established 10 things to do immediately following your engagement.

Tell Your Parents, Siblings, Closest Friends

In a world where we live by social media, it can be easy to want to share the news immediately. However, your parents, siblings and closest friends share the joy with you and deserve to know first. So, before you post your news online, consider sharing with those who love you the most.

Get A Manicure

Girl, THAT ring is GORGEOUS. What about those nails? Here’s the truth…when you share the news, people will expect to see the ring. Show it off with a fresh manicure, plus you deserve to treat yourself.


Maybe it’s with an engagement party full of family and friends or maybe a night out with a few close friends, the point is…CELEBRATE. This is an exciting time that should be celebrated.

Discuss A Budget

Get this out of the way early. Include those who may be chipping in on your special day…parents, grandparents, your fiancé. Trust us when we say, you’ll be glad you faced this detail early in the planning.

Determine Your Wedding Size

Having a general idea of how many family and friends will attend your ceremony and reception, will make the rest of the planning run smoothly. This will also help you with the next tip…venue selection.

Consider Location and Venue Options

Do you want to get married in your hometown or on the beach in Mexico? Either way, figuring out the general location will help you to better understand what venue options are available.

Interview Wedding Planners

Planners offer a wide variety or services from a complete full-service package to even day of services. These are trained professionals that are committed to making YOUR day exactly how you pictured it. Before you get too far into the planning, interview a wedding planner that meets your needs and vision.

Choose Your Wedding Party

Whether choosing your wedding party is an easy decision or requires some thought, starting this process early helps to get one major planning component nailed down. It's exciting to find out your sister or best friend is engaged, even more exciting to be asked to stand with them on their special day. So get creative and have fun with it!


You will NEVER get this time back. Enjoy every minute of the celebration.

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