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Wedding Planning Mishaps: Initial Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. For some soon-to-be brides, their plans have been known well before they are officially engaged. For others, the planning can be overwhelming and have too many decisions for one’s comfort level.

As wedding planners, we often experience both ends of the spectrum. One thing we agree on is that planning should start early, preferably 12 months in advance of the big day. There are, however, common mistakes that brides make that create more work or even rework during the planning process.

Here are some common planning mistakes that you can avoid in effort to make the planning process more enjoyable.

1. Wait Until It Is Official

The excitement of getting married can sometimes get the best of us. Reaching out to vendors before you are engaged can create a series of planning mishaps if not managed well. We recommend that once you are officially engaged, reach out to vendors, specifically venues, photographers, and caterers to ensure that your top choices are available when you have a set date. Jumping in too early could cause you more work and stress.

2. Hold Off on Deposits

One common planning mishap we see is that couples have selected vendors and put a deposit to secure their date without looking at the options. As a full-service wedding planning company, we work each day to make sure we know the venues, photographers, caterers, and other wedding vendors in the area so that we can provide our clients with lots of options. Putting down a deposit and then changing your mind means you have spent money from your wedding budget that could be better used somewhere else. Before you write any checks, make sure you are more than 100% sure of your selection.

3. Destination Weddings

Whether you choose a beach on a tropical island or the snowy mountains in Colorado, a destination wedding is so much fun when family and friends can celebrate with you. The traditional timeline of when to send invitations looks different for a destination wedding. Be sure to give your guests plenty of notice by sending a save the date that shares your dream wedding location. It is also a good idea to send invitations well in advance and share details that your guests can use when planning their trip to share in your special day.

4. Details Take Time

Do not misunderstand us…there is no detail too small. Every aspect of a couple’s wedding is special, unique, and deserves attention. For a wedding planner, there is a priority put on each step of the planning process. Wedding planners tend to focus on the obvious details first. These include budget, venue, and other important vendors. We work hard to ensure that these features are secured so that we can enjoy the other aspects of the planning process. Details such as colors, seating arrangements, and first dance song choices are not any less important. They deserve full planning attention once the big check list items are out of the way. We recommend starting a list of all your ideas and wishes so when the time comes to place attention on those specific areas, we can plan them together.

5. Do not Forget Your Out-of-Town Guests

We recently talked with a future bride who was very aware that majority of their guest list would need access to airports and hotels. Keeping this in mind, she was fully aware that securing a venue that would require guests to drive more than an hour to their hotel at the end of the celebration was not a choice she was interested in making. It is extremely easy to focus on planning a wedding without taking into consideration your guests. A few ways you can show your guests you truly value their love and support is to contact hotels early to secure a block of rooms at a discounted rate. We love when we have traveled to a wedding and there is a goodie basket in our room full of thoughtful items for us to enjoy during our stay. It is always helpful to provide detailed directions to the venues so guests can easily find their way to you. Finally, if there is a point in your celebration to publicly thank your guests for traveling, take the opportunity seriously. A simple thank you goes a long way.

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