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A Proposal Story: Wendy and Brady

Imagine this…you wake up one morning to find a sealed envelope on your kitchen counter with a note from your boyfriend that says “Use the money in the envelope for your hair, makeup, clothes and whatever else you want to do to look as beautiful as you wish. You will be picked up at 5pm.” How would you react?

For #JCEBride Wendy, who lived out the fairytale proposal you are about to read, she was excited and filled with butterflies. Wendy had been growing anxious with now husband, Brady. In the summer of 2018, she began showing Brady pictures of rings and having more direct conversations about being engaged and planning a wedding. Brady appeared to be uninterested in these talks, but little did Wendy know, Brady had a small ring box hidden in his sock drawer and was planning the most magical proposal.

Brady thought of every detail and had the day planned. On July 7, 2018 he left a note on the counter with a sealed envelope of cash, left the house, and turned off his phone. Wendy awoke to find her dream coming true. Just as expected, Wendy was ready at 5pm. She wore a stunning black dress accented with purple flowers. Her hair was full of curls and her face was glowing. Standing in front of a white limousine, Brady waited in awe at the beauty of his future bride.

The limo drove the couple to Woodward Park, the site of the proposal. When the limo stopped, Brady and Wendy stepped out into a heart-shaped ring of flowers spread along the brick walkway. Brady grabbed Wendy’s hand, he got down on one knee and recited the lines he had been practicing for days. Filled with joy, Brady pulled the ring box from his pocket and said those meaningful words “Wendy, will you marry me?” Through a waterfall of tears, Wendy said “Yes.”

Both Brady and Wendy were overcome with emotion. This was by far one of the most memorable days for this young, fully in love couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Brady Frazier were married on October 5th, 2019 at Dresser Mansion in Tulsa. Friends and family stood by their side and celebrated in their special day. Guests indulged in Wendy and Brady’s favorite foods including pizza. Every detail from the décor, flowers, wedding party gifts, and the groom’s cake showcased their personalities and deep love for each other.

We love a good proposal story and this one is by far one of our favorites.

Couple: Wendy and Brady Frazier

Venue: Dresser Mansion

Catering: Mazzio’s Italian Eatery

Cake: Patti Cakes

Photography: Christina Rose Photography

Flowers: Flowergirls Wedding

Design, Coordination, Rentals: Jane Carol Events

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